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Free From Statement

Go Free Foods do not add any gluten, wheat, dairy, or soya to their gluten, wheat, dairy and soya free cakes. Nor do our pre-made cakes contain gluten, wheat, dairy or soya as a composite ingredient.


We bake from our home kitchen using separate equipment and we store all ingredients and equipment in a designated area. We buy all our ingredients from highly reputable UK suppliers and have full traceability of all our ingredients. There is a minimal risk of gluten particles in the atmosphere, which we cannot eliminate. We cannot guarantee categorically that there are no gluten particles present in our products; however, our brownies have been tested in a UKAS accredited laboratory for gluten, wheat, dairy and soya. We can confirm that in testing our brownies contained less than 5 parts of gluten per million, and no wheat, dairy or soya was found. This is much lower than the levels recommended by the Department of Health.


Please note that all products contain almonds.


Should you have any questions about products or production methods, please do not hesitate to contact us.