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Go Free Award Winner 2011

"For once- a "free from" cake that doesn't taste free from anything! Not only does this incredible chocolate brownie have the full richness of flavour of one made with dairy and gluten products, but it is easily one of the best chocolate brownies I have ever tasted! I would never have known that it was free from anything (and have indeed managed to fool friends and family)"

Miss J. Arkle


Both were just as delicious as they look - especially if you are an almond freak! The macaroons were slightly crisp on the outside and gooey within (just the way a macaroon should be) with enough chocolate flavour to make them taste different without overwhelming. The brownies are actually chocolate, carrot and almond brownies and the combination of the carrot and the ground almonds gives them a great texture - and helps them keep really well. We actually received our samples before Christmas and a week later they still taste perfectly fresh. The ingredients are also interesting in that the chocolate that Go Free uses includes agave nectar, mesquite, carob and coconut butter along with the more usual ingredients. Tastes excellent too!

M. Barriedale - Johnson - Foods Matter


The chocolate macaroons are perfect with a coffee after a meal or like me a sneaky munch when nobody is looking. Well balanced with the right amount of sweetness.

L. Harris


We were recently sent a package from Go Free Foods containing 6 chocolate and almond brownies for testing. Theses were sent very quickly... all contain no wheat, gluten, dairy or soya ingredients. It is also apparent that a lot of time and energy has gone into making these products if the brownies are anything to go by. The texture was great, very soft and squidgy as you would expect a brownie to be. They weren't hard or crumbly like some gluten free brownies we have bought in the past. They smelt great as well and we just had to have a slice! We were very impressed with the taste which had a hint of almonds and a gorgeous chocolate flavour that was very moreish! Overall these were a shining example of what the chefs are capable of! Thank you to Go Free Foods for a sample of your products. We would highly recommend them both on their gorgeous brownies and the service they provided us overall. Grab youself some gluten/wheat/dairy/soya free treats!

Gluten Free Zone


I can't fault your brownies, which have a fantastic depth of flavour. It has bittersweet notes at first and then the palate opens out to encompass some very fruity tones. Some may say it's too chocolately, I say shame on them!