Our story

Go Free Award Winner 2011

Go Free Foods was started over two years ago by Charlotte Pike and Tony Harker. The idea was germinating for several years as seven years ago, we found out that Tony had several intolerances to wheat, gluten and dairy. As a keen cook and food blogger, Charlotte saw it as an exciting opportunity to experiment in the kitchen and she soon updated my favourite recipes; but they always had trouble finding good quality baked goods.


As Tony was diagnosed with several food intolerances, and we were exposed to the limited selection of disappointing freefrom substitutes almost all of which seemed to be packed with margarines, e-numbers and preservatives. Charlotte began experimenting increasingly, and diversifying her range of ingredients as she began to understand the chemistry of the various flours and how they worked together. As she cooked more and more for Tony, their friends and family were increasingly exposed to my freefrom cooking with many totally unaware that they were eating freefrom until it came up in conversation. Charlotte had always wanted to cook. Why not create a business that provides top-quality freefrom cakes that are beautiful, appealing and as tasty as ‘regular’ products but with all natural locally-sourced ingredients and without wheat, gluten and diary? We set up the company a week later.